TM-5402 HD

HD Satellite Receiver


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1.42 Jul 2014 Software 5.92 MB Download File

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My channel is no longer working; there is no picture on a channel; it says no signal

Most likely the channel's transponder frequency has changed: a. Go to and type in your channel's name and press Enter. b. Locate the correct satellite c. Note down the Transponder frequency. This is a 5 digit number that will normally begin with 10xyz, 11xyz or 12xyz. d. Note down the Polarisation. This is either H or V. e. Note down the Symbol Rate. This is another 5 digit number. f. Go to your satellite receiver and press the Main Menu button on the remote. g. Go to Installation > Advanced Search h. Press the green button and enter the details accordingly from c, d and e as above. If the above didn't work, please try the following: a. Press the Main Menu button on the remote b. Go to Installation > Satellite Setup c. Check that the LNB Type is Universal and that the LNB Frequency is 9.750/10.600 If the above didn't work, please contact our Technical Support Team.

My remote is no longer working.

Please check the batteries are ok. If they are, either the remote has become faulty or the IR sensor on the front of the product has. Please contact our Technical Support Team for further advice.

My satellite receiver is connected to a second TV but I sometimes get interference/distortion.

If it is connected by RF, press the UHF button on the remote and try a higher number.

Card is not recognised/not detected.

Ensure that the card's chip is face down in the smart card reader or face up in a CI cam.

The message: "No Audio/Video" has appeared.

This usually means that you are on the wrong satellite. If you have a motorised dish, even if it shows a signal, you are more than likely on the wrong satellite. Try moving the motor in the Motorised Setting menu.

The message LNBF is displayed on the front of the satellite receiver.

This means that there is an LNB short circuit. Usually this means that water has somehow entered the cable from your dish (this could be from anything such as an animal biting the cable, incorrect tape used to cover the connections...) or that the cable connectors haven't been correct assembled. In order for the product to protect itself from damage, the short circuit protection has been initiated. Please contact our Technical Support Team for further advice.

When adding a new Transponder Frequency, it says "Same TP Exists."

This means that the frequency is already in the satellite receiver. Go to Transponder and press OK to bring up the list and to find the frequency

What is the Default PIN number?


What USB drives do you recommend?

We use the WD Passport and Seagate GoFlex series here but most hard drives which are USB-powered are compatible. We do not recommend using an externally powered hard drive.

How do I install the latest software?

Download the file from the Support section and save it to a USB memory stick. Connect the stick to your satellite receiver and go to Main Menu > USB > Data Transfer and select the file to install it.