Research & Development

Research and Development

Our teams of more than 120 engineers and product designers are dedicated to create products for you.

To be at the forefront of technology, our teams of highly experienced engineers are constantly planning, researching and reviewing the latest components/chipsets available now and in the future, to incorporate into products. 

We constantly monitor trade, consumer and market trends. We welcome ideas and thoughts about the software/hardware of current and future products from our sellers and users as we are developing products for you. 

We use high quality precision engineered components in all our products. We don’t cut costs by using lower quality components or low specification components. We build products to perform and last. 

Before a product reaches mass-production, it has to go through many rigorous testing steps of Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA). Our QC and QA engineers constantly check and test the product until they are 100% satisfied that the hardware and software of that product is fit for purpose. Many tests/checks are done during pre-production before we go ahead with mass-production and still these tests are done again during mass-production to ensure you receive a high quality product. Some of them are*:

We carry out a series of aging tests on the product to simulate years of use. These tests are closely monitored and highly accurate.

We leave the product on test 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

To simulate power surges, we use a device that outputs varying voltages to check the strength, quality and reliability of the power supply.

To simulate power cuts, we use a device to cut off the power and then come back on with a power surge to check the strength, quality and reliability of the power supply.

We carry out a series of high and low extreme temperature tests on products to simulate use of product in extreme conditions.

Each PCB board is individually tested and x-rayed to check for consistency and quality.

We carry out numerous drop tests on the product to check a product’s strength, rigidity and that it is in working order:

  • Product is dropped from varying heights to check the casing’s strength and rigidity and then is thoroughly tested and monitored to check if the drop has created any software/hardware issues.
  • Same as above but with the product’s packaging to simulate the product in transport

Vibration tests are carried out to simulate the product being in transit.

Each part of the software is tested and checked on the production line.

*Please note that these tests are subject to the type of product, for example, a tool may not contain software