8-Channel 960H Digital Video Recorder

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  • 8-Channel 960H & D1 Real-time
  • 8x S-ATA (8x HDD) + 2x eSATA Options + DVD-RW Options
  • Full HD 1080p HDMI
  • P2P Technology - Watch on your phone instantly
  • CMS & Web Client
  • iPhone, iPad & Android Mobile apps available
  • USB backup
  • 8x Audio Input
  • 8-Channel Video Loopout

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The TM-508 DH HDMI is our flagship professional performing high-end 960H & D1 DVR featuring the advanced video compression H.264 to deliver brilliant, crisp picture quality whilst using less bandwidth and hard drive storage, producing pristine video quality during playback at optimum settings.

TM-508 DH HDMI supports full 960H & D1 real-time resolution on all channels/cameras at up to 25 frames per second (fps). This ensures that the quality of recordings is as close to watching the camera's live video. 960H & D1 recordings give you that extra peace-of-mind that you will have a high quality and highly detailed recorded picture compared to lower resolutions such as CIF where details on a camera's live picture will be missing when it's recorded in CIF. Furthermore, the recording resolution and frame rate can be lowered to save hard drive space if desired.

We have designed a menu system which is fast and easy-to-use, having preset or advanced options which can be configured for your cameras optimum settings as well as your desired settings. Furthermore, the initial Start-up Wizard makes setting up your DVR easier than ever having all the necessary configurations which need to be edited/adjusted/confirmed in a simple wizard. This gets you up and running faster than ever.

An included CMS (Central Monitoring System) for up to 128 channels simultaneously, including multi-site operations, allows you to have enterprise software on your PC to view, control and configure your DVR. You can also configure your DVR by DDNS to be accessible remotely, anywhere in the world by mobile phone app or by the Web Client. Therefore, if you are on holiday, visiting family, on the road or anywhere else, you can access your DVR and never have to worry about your property.

Using the Superlive application available on: iPhone, iPad & Android Mobile, you can view, control and configure everything in your DVR, anywhere in the world so that when you are away, you will always have peace-of-mind. Just like your DVR, you can view all cameras live as well as view recorded videos using the Time Search function. It is essentially a pocket sized version of your DVR.

You can set up your DVR to e-mail your mobile phone or PC if there is an alert, such as video loss, hard drive full, disconnection, motion/intruder detection...and more. The e-mail will include time lapse photos to show you what caused the alert with a link to watch the video recording of the alert including pre and post alert (showing 5 seconds before the event happened, during and a configurable amount of time after the event occurred.

If you have a microphone in a camera, you can listen to it with the Superlive application. Furthermore, depending on your equipment, you can also do 2-way talkback. If you have PTZ cameras, you can also control them in the Superlive application as well as in the CMS, both locally and remotely without the need for a keypad.

You can easily backup your recordings and data via USB. What's more, recordings are backed-up in the .avi format which is compatible with 99% of media players. This saves you time and is much more convenient than other DVRs which require you to convert the files in order to make the file compatible with a media player. Furthermore, by converting a file, you may risk quality loss, so with the TM-508 DH HDMI, you have nothing to worry about.

You can also backup your recordings using the remote monitoring software, saving your recorded files to your PC.

Furthermore, you can also backup recordings to an optional DVD-RW drive.

You can set up motion detection zones which can start a recording, send you an email warning or set off an alarm when movement or an object is detected in a certain part of your camera's view. Furthermore, you can set up your DVR to record a camera/channel at a low frame per second (fps) and if motion is detected, it can automatically record at the much higher quality 25 fps, saving you valuable hard drive space. This is intelligence like no other.

Recordings can be easily scheduled by day or time to save space on your hard drive. Furthermore, recordings can be played back on all channels at the same time.

Instant Playback allows you to select and view recently recorded footage at the push of a button on the live view screen. This saves you valuable time instead of going through the menus, reacting to an incident more quickly.

DDNS and UPnP options are available for networking. This makes network configurations more simple and convenient for remote viewing/access. Furthermore, data bandwidth by network can easily by adjusted for every channel/camera, therefore cameras which you want to be visible remotely on your mobile phone or PC can be individually adjusted to have a lower or higher bandwidth (lower or higher picture quality).

Are you concerned about user access levels? Don't worry. You can create up to 64 different user levels so your employees, friends or family are limited to certain operations on your DVR, such as access to viewing certain cameras, access to configurations, access to recorded files, access to audio...and more. The DVR also has a log report which contains data for all user activities, including IP addresses, for that extra level of security.

Furthermore, you can lock a user to a specific PC by entering that PC's MAC address into the settings. Therefore, that user can only access your DVR on that one PC. This is security like no other.

We have developed a 'black and white list' for IP addresses. With most DVRs, you can only block/allow an IP address. With the TM-508 DH HDMI, you can block/allow IP ranges. This gives you greater security, flexibility and peace-of-mind.

What if your hard drive is starting to fail without you knowing? What if one of your hard drives has stopped? S.M.A.R.T. constantly monitors the hard drives and the DVR to ensure that everything is running correctly. If any abnormalities are found, you will be notified by e-mail or alarm output.

The vibrant and high quality Full HD 1080p output gives outstanding picture quality to show you every detail as it should be.

The DVR is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome & Opera as well as Windows and Mac.

  • H.264 Compression
  • Full HD 1080p HDMI, VGA & Composite Outputs (1x HDMI, 1x VGA, 1x BNC, 1x Spot)
  • 8x S-ATA HDD at up to 3TB each (not included)
  • 1x DVD-RW (not included)
  • Simultaneous full 960H & D1 Real-time Viewing, Recording & Playback at up to 25fps per channel
  • Up to 8 Channels Playback
  • iPhone, iPad & Android Mobile apps available
  • E-mail Notification
  • Motion Detection
  • Spot Monitor Output with Sequencing
  • 8-Channel Video Loopout
  • 8x Audio Input
  • 1x Audio Output
  • 8x Alarm Input
  • 4x Alarm Output
  • CMS & Web Client for remote connection
  • Archiving: save to USB (as .avi), to PC or to Remote PC
  • PTZ Control
  • Dual Stream
  • CMS up to 128 Channels
  • Intelligent Recording: Scheduling, Increase Frame Rates upon Motion Detection
  • Up to 64 different User Levels
  • User MAC: link a user's account to a specific PC by that PC's MAC address
  • System Log for all user activities
  • Smart Backup by USB & FTP
  • Hard Drive Monitoring
  • Log Reporting
  • Instant Playback
  • Time Search
  • Masking Zones
  • IP Control: block IP address and/or ranges
  • Audible Alarm
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome & Opera
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Mouse & Remote included
  • Gigabit Ethernet (self-adaptive)
Operating System:
Embedded Linux
System Resources:
Pentaplex: Simultaneous Recording, Playback, Live, Remote Access, Backup. Frame rate unaffected.
Control Modes:
Front panel, USB mouse, IR remote control, Keyboard (optional), Network
PAL: CIF (352 x 288), D1(4CIF) (704 x 576); NTSC: CIF (352 x 240), D1(4CIF) (704 x 480)
Bidirectional Talk:
Real-time Recording:
4-Channel D1 Real-time
100FPS PAL (25FPS per Channel), 120FPS NTSC (30FPS per Channel)
100FPS PAL (25FPS per Channel), 120FPS NTSC (30FPS per Channel)
Schedule, Motion, Alarm/Sensor, Manual
Image Quality:
Highest, Higher, Medium, Lower, Lowest
Privacy Masking:
4 Self-defined four-sided zones for privacy masking for each camera
Up to 30 Seconds
Up to 5 Minutes
Video Detection & Alarm:
Motion Detection:
Zones: 330 (22x15) Detection Zones; Sensitivity: 1~8 (level 8 is highest); Trigger: Recording, PTZ Movement, Tour, Alarm
Video Loss:
Trigger Recording, PTZ Movement, Tour, Alarm
Camera Blank:
Trigger Recording, PTZ Movement, Tour, Alarm
Alarm Input:
4-Channel, NO or NC
Relay Output:
4-Channel, NO or NC
Internal HDD:
1x SATA Port (1x HDD Supported)
Maximum Capacity:
2Tb per HDD
HDD Error Detection:
SMART HDD Monitoring, HDD Hibernation Technology, HDD Faulty Alarm
USB (Backup):
1x USB Port
Network Backup:
Backup Format:
.AVI or .DAT
RJ-45 Port (10/100M)
Network Functions:
Remote Operation:
Monitor, PTZ control, Playback, System Setting, File Download, Log Information
Simultaneous Users:
5 (max)
Remote Access:
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Mobile Phone Apps:
iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile
Dual Stream:
E-mail Notification:
Password Protection:
1x Admin, 10x Groups (up to 10 Users per Group)
Data Authentication:
Other Interfaces:
USB 2.0 Interface:
2 Ports (1 for mouse control, 1 for backup)
Keyboard, PC Communication
PTZ control:
Pelco D/P + additional protocols
Remote Controller, Mouse
Power Supply:
DC12V / 3A
Weight (without HDD):