Security FAQs


How many hours of video can the Security DVR store?
The length of archive depends on number of cameras, frames per second (FPS) and amount of available hard disk space.

Does the DVR have built-in motion detection?
It's a common misconception that motion detection relies on the camera when in fact it's the DVR.

Technomate DVRs come with built-in motion detection. When activated, instead of recording continuously, the DVR monitors the picture from the cameras and as soon as something changes (i.e. there is movement) they begin recording. The DVRs can also record prior and post to motion being detected. The benefit of motion detection is that it saves hard drive space, allows a longer HDD life and lets you navigate to an event quickly.

Does the DVR do time and date stamping?
Yes. This is sometimes called a Watermark and is essential if the footage needs to be used as evidence.

Can I view live and recorded video locally?

Can I view live and recorded video remotely?
Yes. You can view live and recorded video from anywhere through the Internet, on your mobile phones and tablet PCs.

Can I use my existing cameras?
Yes, you can use your existing CCTV cameras.

How do I prevent Colour Rolling?
If the camera supports an OSD, go to the menu and select Exposure. Try a shutter speed such as 1/50. Then navigate to the SENSE-UP menu and try a value such as x256.

What is Lux?
Illumination is measured in units called Lux.

What is AWB (Automatic White Balance)?
This feature automatically adjusts the colour temperature of the camera image to match the type of light available, so that white and other colours appear as natural as possible.

What is AE (Automatic Exposure)?
For better performance in low light conditions, AE (Automatic Exposure) automatically detects the light level and maintains a clear picture when activated.

What is
AGC (Automatic Gain Control)?
For better performance in low light conditions, the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) can be increased from the standard 16db to 26db. This makes the picture brighter (however, it may also add more noise to the picture as it is amplifying all aspects of the video signal).

Can I zoom in with a camera?
Yes, but you need a camera called a Pan-Tilt-Zoom or PTZ camera.

What happens if there is power outage?
The DVR will automatically reboot and come back on as soon as power is restored. However, we recommend using an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) which provides a short period of backup power and also serves as a surge protection device.