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TM-2T OE strikes Linux Gold & 89%!

What Satellite Magazine has awarded the TM-2T 89% and a Gold Award, a double knock-out with the same score as the TM-Twin OE! They said that ‘the TM-2T OE is both flexible and capable of superb performance.’

Following on from last month’s review, What Satellite Magazine has reviewed the ‘little brother’ of the TM-Twin OE, the TM-2T. The review highlights the many feaures of our Open Embedded platform with the many firmwares and plugins available.

With regards to picture, they noted that ‘plenty of detail is resolved, and the conveyance of subtle shades and hues also demonstrate the TM-2T OE’s abilities.’

Technomate is proud of What Satellite’s conclusion that the TM-2T OE ‘is an excellent product that does credit to the Technomate brand.’

Concluding, What Satetellite listed pluses of:

  • Impressive picture/sound quality and flexibility
  • Fantastic value for money

Please click on the link below to read the full review.

TM-2T OE Review.pdf

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